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 Our exhibits will present the story of Hanford site selection, construction, initiation of plutonium production, and ensuing onsite and downwind radiation exposures. The science that led to the release of ionizing radiation downwind of Hanford will be explained in user-friendly terms.

 Other exhibits to include:

1.   History of radiation, and specifically, x-ray, use.

2.   Radiation experiments on Walla Walla prisoners

3.   Radiation experimentation on animals at Hanford

4.   Radiation-exposure compensation and the law (US, International)

5.   Radiation use and exposures in medicine today

6.   Cold War paranoia (to include artwork)

7.   Radiation Exposure sites around the world

8.   Life and work inside the Manhattan Project compounds

9.   The elitism of Richland

10.  Jim Crow & Hanford

11.  Minority exposed populations: including Native American Tribes,     Latino migrant and non-migrant workers, and seasonal workers of other ethnic backgrounds

12.  Communities that have normalized radiation

13.  Oral history station (where stories can be recorded/videoed)